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  • The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. He was able to answer all questions, even questions regarding material not covered in the course. I also appreciated receiving textbooks instead of a slide presentation printout.
    • Cindy Jansen
  • Mike is an excellent Instructor. He has full command of the course material, which is well supported by his experience as a trainer.
    • Inder Nandrajay
  • Excellent instructor with hands-on experience. Able to bringing to bear on the discussion his experience, especially “Best Practices”.
    • Ernest Tanson
  • A lot of material was covered, but excellent resources were provided. I have everything I need to learn the specifics of my apps when I go back to work.
    • Gregory Olson
  • The instructor is top caliber, and his materials were good.
    • John Mazzella
  • I like this training because all subjects and concepts tied closely to the coding.
    • Rickie Chang
  • Felt that the course pace was perfect since I did not have any practical J2EE experience.
    • Saurabh Shah
  • Dr. Pourkaviani is an excellent instructor. He made sure that we understood both the concepts and how to implement it (code). Daily reviews of the materials are very beneficial. I hope to take another course from him.
    • Srinu Kavi
  • The instructor very knowledgeable and explained material well.
    • Ken McCall
  • I have gone through many different trainings provided by IBM, but I found this one “The Best”. The instructor seemed to be very interested in actually making the student LEARN and apply the knowledge. The class was very organized and on schedule.
    • Farhana Lockhadwala
  • This class was very informative. The instructor was obviously knowledgeable on the subject matter. The material $ resources he supplied will be extremely helpful in my future studies in Java & J2EE.
    • Penelope Estabillo
  • I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for teaching the J2EE at our site recently.  It was very thorough and I'm really going to use the information on my next assignment.  The way that you constantly kept the class interactive really helped me to retain the information
    • Tony Gentilcore


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