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Saeid Garshasebi  

Email: Saeid@WebCTMSolutions.com

Phone: 408-626-7919


  • Formal Education with BSEE degree and advanced trainings in Systems/Network and Business Administration

  • Project lead and coordination, LAN / WAN infrastructure implementation for Acquisitions and Lab Relocation

  • Engineering Lab Network Management, Hardware design and development, Systems test and Quality Control

  • Procurement, Asset Management, Documentation and Database Maintenance

  • Excellent organization and communication skills with ability to assess needs, analyze and solve problems

  • Business and service oriented with dedications toward proactive solutions, teamwork and quality production


  • ·    Networks: Cisco Routers and Switches, 10/100 Ethernet, T1/E1, T3/E3, OC3/12/48/96 Fiber Optics, VLAN, WLA

  • ·    Protocols and Programs: TCP/IP, EIGRP, OSPF, HSRP, BGP, SNMP, Perl/Shell scripts, and C programming

  • ·    Platforms: Solaris 2.x, Linux Red Hat, HP-UX, Windows XP/2000/98/95/NT, Exchange, MS SQL, Active Directory

  • ·    Systems Management: DHCP, DNS, NIS , NFS, SMTP, URL, E-mail, User Account, Firewall, Antivirus, Backup

  • ·    Computer Systems: SUN ( Enterprise , Ultra, Sparc), HP-UX, Compaq DEC Servers, PCs, Fax, Modems, and Printers

  • ·    Management Tools: Oracle, Star Office, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Access, Power Point, Excel and Words

  • ·    Design Tools: View Logic, AutoCAD, OrCAD, Protel (PCB, Schematic, Simulation)

  • ·    Test Equipment: Network Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, and Oscilloscope



WebCTMSolutions (Web Consulting, Training, & Mentoring Solutions), USA                                    2001 – Present

Network Administrator (Web Consulting, Training & Mentoring)

  • ·    Assist in Site Setup for UNIX, Linux, Java, Wireless Networking, and Web Development Training Courses.

  • ·    Provide technical assistance to 20-40 students, and assist in LAN / WAN configuration, user account and email setup.

  • ·    Manage routers, switches, and workstations, including SW / HW installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

  • ·    Coordinate with training sites, facility, and vendors for space allocation, power/utilities, and equipment setup.

  • ·    Assist in Small Business (6-12 Personnel) systems and network setup with ensured security and quality operation.

  • ·    Continue research and education in Network Operation, Security Management, and Web Development Tools.

 CISCO SYSTEMS, San Jose , CA                                                                                                                      1996 – 2001

Network Administrator (Network Equipment)

  • ·    Responsible for daily network operation and support of multiple Cisco engineering laboratories with over 500 users 

  • ·    Saved Cisco thousands of dollars in labor and material cost by developing, presenting, and enforcing methods of operation and maintenance of a standardized, ISO9001compliant, and high efficiency test environment to provide network enhancements and upgrades with reduced troubleshooting and little or no impact on clients.

  • ·    Coordinated several multi-million dollar projects from concept to completion and implemented complex network infrastructure for new Acquisitions migration, new product test and development, and existing systems upgrades.

  • ·    Ensured overall network uptime for LAN/WAN infrastructure and installed hundreds of routers, switches, hubs, PCs/UNIX workstations, including HW/ SW/ FW configuration, upgrade, test, and trouble shooting of all subsystems.

  • ·    Managed and maintained email and user accounts, IP addresses, backups, disaster recovery, procurement and inventory, as well as power, cable trays, rack layouts, and space allocation with enhanced documentation and block diagrams.

  • ·    Led successfully Y2K upgrade project for over 500 workstations and other equipments in 5 laboratories, and developed Perl and Shell scripts for process automation, systems inventory, patch installation, and security management.

  • ·    Supported new hardware and software development projects and assisted in systems to component-level board design, prototype building, test and troubleshooting, schematics capturing, and documentations, as well as coordination with PCB vendors, component and mechanical engineering, pre-sales production team, quality control, and manufacturing.

  • ·    Worked closely with Acquisition team and other cross functional groups to develop cost saving solutions with strategic planning based on the analysis of customers’ business and technical goals, needs, and existing systems infrastructure, and ensured overall customers’ full satisfaction with mostly rewarded timely accomplishments and top quality services.

  • ·    Acted occasionally in lieu of Operation Manager, and supervised a team of 6 to 12 personnel while maintaining daily and weekly status reports with technical recommendations to Operation Director, as well as assisting in recruit and hiring process and helping new employees and contractors with systems setup, training, and mentorship.

 ATARI GAMES, Milpitas , CA                                                                                                                          1993 – 1996

Hardware Engineer ( Arcade and Video Games)

PHOTONICS, San Jose , CA                                                                                                                              1991 – 1993

Hardware Engineer (Infra Red Network Communication)

METRICOM, Los Gatos , CA                                                                                                                             1989 – 1991

Hardware Engineer (UHF / VHF Wireless Radio Communication)

  • ·    Coordinated and supported design and development projects for building Arcade and Video Games, Infra Red wireless communication devices, UHF/VHF Radios and Power Meters, wireless Modems, and remote controlled devices.

  • ·    Designed and developed prototypes to the production level, and interfaced with design verification teams, PCB FAB vendors, Component Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Quality Control, Manufacturing, and outside vendors.

  • ·    Designed multi-layer and surface-mount PCB layouts, captured Schematics, designed and simulated digital circuitry and Gate Arrays, and modified mechanical designs using AutoCAD, ViewLogic,  OrCAD, and Protel.

  • ·    Built Power supplies, analog, digital, RF, DSP, FPGA, and Microprocessor circuitry, and performed systems to component level test and troubleshooting of chassis, harness, and surface mount boards with BGA components.

  • ·    Implemented GAL/PAL equations, modified EEPROMs, and maintained Data I/O stations with SW/HW upgrades.

  • ·    Prepared test reports, ECN and design documentation, and oversaw procurement, inventory, and database management.

  • ·    Performed complete electromechanical system assembly, including Chassis, Power and back planes, harnessing, and surface mount boards, as well as mechanical design modifications and maintenance of drawings and wiring diagrams.  



  • ·    Business Administration                                                                                             West Valley College , Saratoga , CA

  • ·    CCNA Preparation courses                                                                                         Cisco Systems, San Jose , CA

  • ·    PERL and SHELL Programming                                                                                SUN Microsystems, Fremont , CA

  • ·    Solaris 2.x Systems Administration                                                                            SUN Microsystems, Fremont , CA

  • ·    Effective Communication for management                                                                Cisco Systems, San Jose , CA

  • ·    Radio Communication Engineering,                                                                           West Valley College , Saratoga , CA

  • ·    C programming                                                                                                             West Valley College , Saratoga , CA

  • ·    BSEE                                                                                                   University of Applied Sciences, Giessen , Germany

  • ·    German as Second Language                                                                                       Goethe Institute, Iserlohn , Germany  


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